My key phrases for this year

In addition to my 20 for 2020 list, I’ve also settled on a few simple phrases that I can use to remind myself of my goals for the year.


Don’t get caught up in new requests and activities that won’t move me towards my goals (unless they’re really amazing).


When feeling anxious or overwhelmed, stop what I’m doing, take three deep breaths, and try to put things in perspective before doing anything else.


Inspired by this article, but works for anything, really.

In addition to reminding me to really listen and to connect with other people’s stories, and to take everything as a learning opportunity, this phrase is a good reminder to follow my natural curiosity. If you’re interested, this article on the ‘bus ticket collector theory of genius‘  by Paul Graham is a reminder that people who succeed — like really succeed — at things often have a genuine and obsessive interest in the topic.


I’m a natural-born complainer. Need someone to find the downside to something? I’m your girl! I’d like to get better not only at reframing my perspective, but at coming up with solutions for things that repeatedly bother me (recognizing, of course, that sometimes there will be no solution and I will need to be okay with that).

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