Running socks (mundane pleasures)

This is my thing where I post every Wednesday about something mundane that has delighted me this week.

Good running socks don’t seem to get much attention. But, as anyone who dabbles in running knows, there’s nothing worse than a bad sock. That one that sneaks down under your heel every few strides. The one that rubs under your arch every. freaking. time. Or the one that you wear twice only to put on and have your toe appear through a hole.

I started to appreciate the simple pleasure of a good sock when started using a wonderful Smartwool version while training for my first (and only) marathon in 2015. I wore them for every single long training run, and for the marathon itself, and they did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I think I got the original pair at Winner’s, and despite aggressive searching, I’ve been unable to find a replica since the socks eventually met their holey demise circa 2017.

However, this story does have a happy ending! A colleague gifted me a pair of these socks in late 2018, and they hit all the boxes. A single pair has taken me through 20km a week with no slippage, no blisters, and no holes.

In fact, I’ve just ordered two new pairs.

Happy Wednesday!

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