Rejection and pizza parties (weekly recap)

I started out my week with the rejection of a research paper. I’m trying to reframe rejections like these into positives (a learning experience! a chance to make my paper even better!), but sometimes the thought of hours spent formatting and re-writing for another journal is tough to get excited about.

Exercise-wise, I kept up my usual routine and went to two yoga classes (trying to be mindful about tightening). I also consumed way more sugar than was strictly necessary, and did not keep up with my 12/24 fasting regimen. Back on the bandwagon starting Monday morning.

I tried two new recipes:

Both were relatively simple and low-stress, and they went well together. I cheated and used some of the dressing for the fish as the dressing on the asparagus, and it worked great.

The husband and I went here for pizza on Thursday night, and it was mindblowing. Like, quite possibly the best pizza food I’ve ever tasted. Although, I probably say things like that too frequentlyfor my opinion to be considered reliable. I will say, though, that the crust was gloriously glutinous, pillowy soft, and perfectly salted. Already thinking about next time.

On Saturday night, I joined some friends for dinner at this veggie-forward restaurant. If you’re keeping tabs, then yes, it was my second time there in less than a month, but it’s just that good.

I finished reading two books! Last night, I started On Writing by Stephen King. I aborted my attempt to audiobook How To Do Nothing (it just wasn’t for me), and I’ve just started listening to Memoirs of A Geisha, which I read almost two decades ago and really enjoyed.

Three things I’m thinking about right now:

  • I’m a big fan of all things minty, so I was intrigued to see that researchers in New Zealand had studied whether a menthol mouth rinse (or ‘swilling’ as they called it) improves strength or power performance. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.
  • This BBC article on breathing. ‘Breathe’ has subsequently ousted ‘focus’ as my word of the week.
  • “What’s an un-curated cheese selection?”. This New York Times article explores the of-the-moment buzzword that actually means ‘to take care of’.

Happy International Women’s Day…hope you have a wonderful week!

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