Biking and baking (weekly recap)

Short and sweet recap this week.

I made these halloumi eggplant burgers from the Kitchn (on pretzel buns leftover from last weekend), and they were delicious. My mom made them too, but she added meat patty. Yes. Yes, she did. Legend.

For our formal ‘recipe club’, mom and I tried these caramel slices from Recipe Tin Eats this week. I’m not a huge fan of caramel slices — if I’m going to eat something with the caloric density of butter then Nanaimo Bars 4 Life — but they turned out exactly as advertised and have been well received by recipients!

Last night we cooked up some Cheemo perogies (boiled then pan-fried, if you’re wondering) along with BBQ’d bratwursts and the first cabbage dish from this blog post. I’m here for cabbage’s fifteen minutes of fame and can’t wait to try the other recipes from the post.

I got out on my bike for the first time this year, and used it to make a (contactless) beer and baked good delivery to a friend.

I’ve been keeping up well with my daily exercise, my stretching, and my malasana squat attempts, and this has me motivated to work on improving other aspects of my physical health. Like many others, I wake up every morning with back pain…quite possibly related to my sleeping position. Any other side sleepers out there? My husband says my neck and shoulders always look like they’re contorted into impossible positions whenever he wakes up and stares at me — Bridget Jones Style — in the middle of the night. So, I’m going to try and train myself to sleep on my back.

We’ll see how that goes.

Now, without further ado, here are three things I’m thinking about this week:

  • An interesting read. I came for the wolves, and left musing over the following (reminiscent of Life of Pi for me):

“Does an event have to be true in order to be accepted as true, or does belief in the truth of an event already make it true, even if the thing that supposedly happened did not happen?”

Have a great week and don’t forget to call your mother (or anyone you look up to) next Sunday!

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