Math & Other Problems

Imagine Bridget Jones as a university freshman–a university freshman who is desperate to cash in her V-card.

It’s 2001 (think: the time of Legally Blonde, flip phones, and ICQ) and booksmart but socially awkward Ellie Kent is about to start her first semester of university. There’s only one problem (aside from the fact that her overbearing parents expect her to major in math and demand that she keep straight A’s and a curfew): it seems that everyone at university but Ellie has already experienced the life-changing fireworks of intercourse. In Ellie’s eyes, every passing moment in which she remains a Before exponentially decreases the likelihood of ever crossing the carnal chasm to become an After. If she leaves it too long, she may well become an eternal virgin, and–by extension–a perennial social pariah!

As Ellie schemes to get laid while juggling a strenuous course load and navigating new friendships (as well as something that just *might* be more-than-friendship), she finds herself questioning whether fitting in is all it cracked up to be.

Math & Other Problems is the first book in the One + One trilogy. Look out for Rules of Subtraction and Solving for Ex next.