The kindness of strangers (mundane pleasures)

I’m trying a new thing where I post every Wednesday about something mundane that delighted me this week. Call it part of my gratitude experiments.

Last night, as I stood in the Starbucks line on my way to my writer’s group, with smudged mascara and a pimple larger than the Hellas Planitia crater on my cheek, another woman approached and told me she loved my outfit. I couldn’t stop beaming for the next half hour. A reminder to just tell people what you think…especially when it’s something nice!

Even better, last weekend as I was running into Safeway, I witnessed a woman handing a sandwich to a man who was standing outside the grocery store and asking for change. “I don’t have cash on me, but I brought you this,” she said, giving him a small smile. A reminder of how lovely small gestures can be.

Happy Wednesday!


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